Why I started a blog?

So what made me start a blog or become a blogger? Now that I think of it there are a few reasons why…

Firstly, the biggest motivator was the fact that I simply love to write – always have. I just feel as though I can easily express my feelings when I write and the words just flow. My parents still tell me about the letters I used to write to each member of the household when I was a little girl and I’ve collected countless diaries and journals over the years – hence the inspiration for my blogs name – Betul Altun’s Diaries.
Additionally, I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others so I though what better way than through a blog. I have many interests but I am especially passionate about health (stems a little from my professional pharmaceutical background), beauty (ohh skincare) and a good sense of fashion (who isn’t right). I am looking forward to exposing you to my beauty secrets, product reviews, favourites, my almost shopaholic nature (shh don’t tell my husband), snippets from my lifestyle and things that I love. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.



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