My recent ‘mummy chop’ 

So recently I got a haircut and got rid of half of my hair. I call this the ‘mummy chop’ because I’ve found that most people go short after having a baby which was partially the reason why I also chopped mine. Additionally, I’ve had long hair my whole life (literally) and after having a baby I felt like I didn’t have enough time to style it. I was always putting it in a bun or tying it up. I also wanted a change and to somewhat signify this important event in my life. I must admit though, I did have a mini heart attack when my hairdresser initially cut it but I’m getting used to it now and liking it more day-by-day. It’s so much easier to handle and manage, especially because I have pretty straight hair naturally (or you could always get global keratin). It looks super stylish too and I think it’s really ‘in’ now (Kim K just cut her’s again). And finally, life’s too short – sometimes you need to go by the ‘eat the pizza’ mentality which in this situation equates to chopping it off. At least I can look back one day and say I did it rather than wondering what it would have been like if I had. And it’s hair. It’ll grow – so if you’re considering it just do it..💇🏻




P.s – let me know which look you like better by commenting below and feel free to post your before and after photos too (I’m also loving this snapchat filter).


Kim K’s most recent haircut  

(but I did it first hehe!)

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