5 ways to naturally improve your skin!

There are plenty of pills and potions we use to improve the overall appearance of our skin. Some work and some don’t. But, there are basics we could adopt into our daily lifestyle that could make an impact. The great thing is, most of these things require minimal to no effort and some are even free!

1. Drink, drink, drink

You’ve probably heard this one countless times – but if there was one thing you could chose to do to improve your skin, this would be at the top of the list. The skin is the largest organ of the body and our bodies are made up of 60% of water. Additionally, water reaches all other organs of the body before it is absorbed by the skin hence the reason why we need to drink plenty of it to see visible benefits. Drinking insufficient amounts of water can lead to dry, flaky and dull skin (who wants that). I would be aiming at 8 glasses a day but I know this can be difficult for some so just drink as much as you can.

Tip: always carry a water bottle with you and try to go for water vs. soft drinks when you can. Also if you dislike the taste of water, you can infuse it with fruit – i.e. lemons, strawberries, etc.


2. Take off your makeup every night before going to bed

Seriously guys, please do it! It only takes an extra 2 minutes to wash your face and remove your makeup but it makes such a big difference. Our bodies and our skin recover during our sleep and failure to remove your makeup prevents your skin from renewing itself. It also leads to blocked and enlarged pores, increases the likelihood of breakouts, prevents collagen formation which fights against free radicals (basically all the nasties that our skin is exposed to during the day through makeup, dirt, pollution and sun) and the list goes on.

Tip: Invest in a Clarisonic or equivalent – this ensures that your makeup is COMPLETELY off in 60 seconds. It is definitely worthwhile. Otherwise buy makeup remover wipes if you seriously can’t be bothered – this wont remove everything but it’s a good start. (I use the Neutrogena one’s below and they take off quite a bit)


3. Protect yourself from the sun

This is another really important one. The sun is the biggest cause of ageing and skin discolouration – it causes dark spots, uneven skin tone and it increases the risk of skin cancer (Australian’s have an alarmingly high rate of melanoma already). Sun damage is cumulative and it begins at a young age. And don’t be fooled by the weather (especially Melbourne weather) – you should even wear sunscreen in winter – just because the sun isn’t out it doesn’t mean the rays aren’t reaching us. Opt for moisturisers with SPF of 30+ and go for broad spectrum sunscreens to be protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Also, don’t forget the 5 S’s – Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide.

Watch this cool video (here) from the Cancer Council Australia, which goes through the 5 S’s in a really cute way – great to show the kids as it’s really catchy too.

4. Exfoliate 

You don’t need to use any fancy products to do this (unless you want to). Just use your fingers – best time to do it is in the shower while your skin is moist – especially around the nose, chin and forehead – try it and you will be surprised how much dirt comes off. This gets rid of dead skin cells sitting at the surface of your skin and increases cell turnover which allows new healthy skin to appear. Your face will instantly feel smoother!

5. Have a healthy diet

You are what you eat! What you put inside your body will reflect on the outside. It’s as simple as that.

Hopefully you can adopt these 5 simple tips into your daily lifestyle – I have no doubt you’ll see an improvement in no time.



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