August Favourites!

I actually can’t believe a month has already gone past..Gosh time flies. Today also marks the 1 month milestone since I started my blog so I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve absolutely loved writing about anything and everything and looking forward to your continued support and love. Hugs and kisses from me to all.

Here’s a few things I’m loving this month.

Wonder weeks app


This app is so good and I highly recommend it for any parent and especially first-time parents like myself. This app has been recommended by the worlds leading doctors, has won numerous awards and is ranked amongst the Top 10 ‘children’s health apps.’ The app is basically a companion of the international best selling book ‘The Wonder Weeks.’ As the name suggests it saves you from wondering what the hell is going on with your baby – i.e. why they are fussier, why they want to feed more or want more attention, why they change behaviours & etc. It does this w.jpegby walking you through the major developmental leaps your baby is going through. It summarises each mental leap and then explains in more detail the abilities and skills that come with that leap, the behaviours your baby may be exhibiting and how long and when this leap will take place according to your babies age.

If you want more information check out there website here

My super trendy notebook



I seriously picked this up from K-mart for $5 – such a good buy – and they had plenty of other nice ones. I love the colours and like I’ve mentioned before I love to write so I am always creating new reasons to buy another notebook – it may be for daily reminders, a daily journal or something else random. Got to love K-Mart for these awesome bargains.

Green With Envy splurge

No month can go past without adding a few good pieces to the wardrobe! I’ve always online shopped a little as I do prefer going into the store and seeing what the garment/piece of clothing looks and feels like. However, like many things changing after having a baby, going shopping has become a little more difficult and fitting a pram in some change rooms is not always fun either. Hence, online shopping has become more attractive. What better place to go than Green With Envy. They have a collaboration of some of my favourite brands so I can always find something I like. I picked these denim shorts and shirt on sale from Nicholas the label and can’t wait to wear them in summer.


QV Baby Wash and Moisturiser


I recently changed my bubbas bath wash because it was really drying her skin out. I gave the QV baby wash and moisturiser a go as it was recommended by a few friends. It has been gentle on her skin and her skin is no longer dry – yay. It’s also so cute that she already has a moisturiser – she’s definitely my daughter hey! (I will be doing a full product review on these so watch this space).

The cutest cards from Kikki K

I had a few functions on this month and always like to buy a card as I think it really personalises any gift or is simply a nice gesture. I picked these up from Kikki K and thought they were pretty cool. If you want the fanciest stationery and most inspirational notebooks look no further from Kikki K – they have it all covered.



New lippy from MAC

I have a few staples that I re-buy from MAC but I wanted to have a little bit of fun this time around and went for a really bold matte pink. It’s called ‘All fired up’ by MAC and it’s really grown on me this month


I hope you enjoyed my August favourites. Feel free to ask questions by leaving a comment & don’t forget to subscribe

xoxo, B.


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