My everyday makeup routine

Hey beautiful people,

I’ve been asked about the products I am currently using to do my makeup. I honestly don’t like to wear heavy makeup on a daily basis but I have a few staples I use regularly. Here are a few I use to achieve my signature everyday look (I sometimes skip a few depending on my mood but these are my regulars):

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser or Estée Lauder Double Wear Light

I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis and prefer to go with a tinted moisturiser instead. The NARS is perfect for this reason and provides a dewy finish which I love. I alternate between this and the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light on days where I want a matte finish and a little more coverage as this has a more foundation-like texture. The Estee Lauder Double Wear Light is also a great alternative for those that love the original double wear but want something that isn’t as heavy. Additionally, the Estee Lauder has an SPF of 10 hence I prefer to use it on sunnier days. Both of these products provide a medium coverage which is sufficient for me as I like to see a bit of skin. Plus, a touch of powder and concealer can easily build up the coverage for both.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder



You can tell I love my Estee Lauder – they also make great skincare! For days when I want a little extra coverage on top of my tinted moisturiser or when I want to ‘mattify’ the look I use this powder. Next, I want to try the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. I’ve heard this product is great for setting foundation when no extra coverage is required. Let me know what you think if you’ve tried this product already.


Kevin Aucoin concealer in Sx06

kI bought this concealer so long ago and I’m only a third of the way through – a tiny but goes a very long way. I use this to highlight under my eyes (could also be used as a base under eyeshadow). It gives amazing coverage but the only negative with this product is that it is quite thick. I generally need to dampen by beauty blender with water or put moisturiser underneath to achieve an even finish.

Next, I want to try the NARS or urban decay concealer so let me know if you’ve used it and if you recommend it.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30

xxxI don’t always use this product but it’s my favourite product for concealing any blemishes, pimples and redness.

‘Stilla Stay All Day’ Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 


I’ve tried a fair share of eyeliners in my day as the classic winged look is my go-to-look. I’ve tested them all from Maybeline to Chanel and this one really stands out and therefore I’ve been re-purchasing it. The depth of colour enables you to get the blackest line and the fine tip helps to control how thick or thin you want it to be. Doesn’t smudge or leak either. Pretty much does exactly what the Chanel does at a cheaper price point.


Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara

ssI mentioned this product in a monthly favourite and its seriously that good. It gives length, depth and volume. It doesn’t cause you’re lashes to clump up either and the brush is gentle on the lashes.

Benefit Brow Zings

bbbBrows, brows, brows. Probably one of the most important features on the face. I don’t feel like any makeup look is complete without shaping and filling in the brows. Even on no-makeup days filling in my brows and doing nothing else makes me feel good. This is a good product as it comes with the wax to shape the brow and the powder to fill it in – it also comes with two different brushes for each step (+ a tweezer yay!). Although I like this product I feel like its a little fiddly and would prefer to use a single product. I would love to try the Anastasia Beverley Hills next as I’ve heard amazing reviews on it.

Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Bronzing Powder 

nnI’ve used this bronzer for so long and love it. It has different shades of brown and doesn’t leave a shine. It also suits my skin all year round – in summer and winter – which is a great bonus.

MAC Mineralize Blush in ‘Warm Soul’


This is such a beautiful peachy colour that complements any skin tone. I discovered this product when I got my makeup done by one my favourite makeup artists and loved the colour so went out and purchased it. I haven’t looked back since.



MAC lipliner and lippy
I like to change the colour of my lippy depending on the weather and my mood but I love Mocha by MAC as an every day lipstick colour – the ‘auburn’ liner complements this really nicely. It’t not bright and not dull either so perfect for every day wear.


Here is a photo of me from today wearing most of these products. Let me know if you want to know more about the products mentioned (i.e. specific colours etc) by leaving a comment below. 


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xoxo, B.

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