5 items every girl needs in her wardrobe

Hello there,

as the title suggests this post is going to be about those staple pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe. Because let’s face it – although we would all love to buy an outfit for every occasion it’s a little impossible when you have countless events on all the time. I’ve found that, I recycle a few items in my wardrobe a lot..and when accessorised differently it becomes a completely new outfit (and saves me heaps of money).

Leather jacket


Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this one so it’s definitely worth investing into. A good leather jacket can be worn with practically any outfit. You can wear it with your favourite jeans or you can style it with a fancy dress or some nice pants when you’re going out.

A good pair of jeans

img_7570Whether you like them dark, light or ripped a good pair of jeans will serve you well. Jeans can be very versatile as they can be dressed up or down. Dark denim pairs are my favourite for night outs – just dress them with a pair of nice heels and a silky top and you’re good to go. On the contrary, a ripped light denim pair styled with a white tee is perfect for your casual weekends.

A basic white t-shirt

Again, it’s all about versatility and a white tee does that best. You can wear it with skirts, pants or jeans and tuck it in or out for a different look. I love how it looks so effortless yet so cool at the same time.

A sexy black dress


A well fitted black dress is timeless. Just make sure it fits you like a glove and the proportions flatter your body. I love it when it’s either knee length or sitting just on the mid point of your calf referred to as a ‘midi.’

The perfect pair of shoes


Shoes complete an outfit and have the potential to take it from 1 to 10.  Whether its your favourite black boots that you wear with everything or your go-to heals every girl needs a good pair of shoes in her wardrobe.

What are your wardrobe essentials? Let me know by leaving a comment and don’t forget to subscribe.

Lots of love, B.

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