Glamglow Thirsty Mud Mask

Hello everyone,

Today I’ll be reviewing a skincare product that has had heaps of hype around it ever since it hit the shelves – the Glamglow ‘thirsty mud’ mask – the one with the blue packaging just incase you were wondering. They do a few different one’s depending on what your skin concerns are and what you’re trying to achieve. I’ll summarise them really briefly at the end of the post so you know which would work best for your current skincare regime.


RRP: 15mL – $27.00; 50mL – $98.00




✔️Hydrates really well and leaves the skin moist hence does what it claims (see below)

“This hydrating mud mask uses the latest advanced technologies, providing deep extreme hydration for instant results and long term benefits. THIRSTYMUD hydrates, moisturises, replenishes and soothes the skin, leaving you with a healthy glowing complexion”

✔️ Smooth, transparent, gel like consistency – does not dry up on the face like a clay mask and is easy to spread
✔️ Pleasant coconut smell
✔️ Hydration lasts a few days
✔️ Can be used as an overnight treatment for a more enhanced result
✔️ Contains some really moisturising ingredients – coconut, honey, hyaluronic acid; alongside Vitamins C and E. Does not contain any sulphates or parabens


✖️Primary packaging is not ideal as product may get contaminated from constant handling
✖️Exterior packaging is unnecessarily big – double the size of the jar
✖️Slight tingling sensation followed by cooling effect (may be a positive for some as it feels like product is actually doing something)
✖️Contains alcohol and fragrance so may be unsuitable for sensitive skin types

Would I re-purchase?
Yes –  on a day where I’m not on a budget or want to splurge a little extra on my skincare. The THIRSTYMUD delivered great hydration and left my skin feeling supple and moist.  The first time I used it I was quite impressed actually. I was suffering from dry, flaky, skin for days and thought I’d give this a go. When I went to wash off the mask after 20 mins I kept washing my face because it still felt like the mask was on my skin. Yet, that was just the super soft moisture it had left on my face. So it definitely worked for me and I enjoyed soaking my face in it but I won’t buy it on a regular basis only because it is quite expensive.

What about all of the others?

Here is a quick guide you can refer to if you’re confused about which GLAMGLOW mask to buy.


Pore refining & Clearing – great for problematic skin – brings everything to the surface – clay based







Smoothing & Refining (fine lines) – youth activating



Firming, Lifting & Tightening – for tighter and younger looking skin



Detoxifying & Nourishing – if you feel like your skin has been through a lot lately and you just want to give it some TLC



Brightening & Illuminating – this would be great before a big event or date to give you that extra glow


I hope you enjoyed another product review. Let me know if you’ve used any of the others and what you think. 

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xoxo, B.

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