A simple adjustment that can promote healthy living in your home

Hi guys,
Today I wanted to share a single tip that can help promote a healthier lifestyle in your home. It’s quite easy but I believe it could have a big impact on your household – it’s simply making the contents of your fridge more attractive! Seriously though, doesn’t this look amazing? (#fridgegoals)


Let me explain why and how..

The why?

I personally love grocery shopping and whenever I see the spread of great produce on display I get really motivated to eat better and cook healthier dishes. However I often find that I’m throwing out half of the goodies I buy. Does anyone else do this? I really hope I’m not the only one because this is not only bad for your wallet but also a huge waste. I’ve also realised that things often get hidden in the fridge and sometimes we overbuy things unnecessarily. So I’ve wanted to come up with a solution..one way is to obviously buy less but a more significant solution can be achieved by making the contents of the fridge more appealing..because let’s be honest – food is only as appetising as it looks.

The how..

Next time you buy fruit and veggies take them out of the plastic bags and place them in either see-through containers, jars or plates. Placement plays a big role here too. Make sure things that you can easily grab are placed at eye level. This is crucial because when you open your fridge your going to want to see the different colours and textures. This will motivate you to pick up a fruit and eat it or wrap up a quick meal together when you want to. Otherwise if things are hidden in bags and stashed away in the corners your often going to go for the easier option which is probably going to be processed or junk food (exactly what we don’t want).

I believe this simple adjustment can motivate you to eat better, consume everything you buy and therefore make you a more efficient grocery shopper. This will also mean you are getting more bang for your buck! Go ahead and try it – you’ve got nothing to lose.

This is a photo of my fridge at the moment – There’s still a lot of work to do but I just rearranged things and put them in containers and plates as seen..my hubby even made us a fruit plate after dinner last night so I’m guessing it’s working already..and doesn’t it just look pretty – I love it..

Try it out and post me a photo of your fridge..I’d love to see. I’m already applying the same concept to my pantry and freezer too..

xoxo, B.

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