Top 5 in-flight essentials you should never travel without!


If you’ve been following me on Instagram (betul_altun) you would of realised that we recently went to Hawaii for a short vacation. It was a lovely getaway and although I love to travel, airplanes can be tough – especially on your skin! The recycled air in the cabin, low humidity and surfaces full of germs can predispose you to tired, dry and blemish-prone skin. So today I will share with you my top 5 picks that I never travel without. If you want to keep your skin in tip-top condition on the flight and avoid looking fatigued when you arrive at your destination (even if you haven’t slept much) keep reading…

1.Cleansing Wipes

These are always handy to keep in your handbag and it becomes even more apparent when you  board a plane. Wipes are great to keep with you while travelling because they are multi-functional. Not only can they be used to wipe off your makeup and freshen up but also to wipe down surfaces (did you know that tray tables are one of the dirtiest surfaces on the plane – eww).

One of the first things I do when I jump on a plane is wipe off any makeup and prep my skin for the next step. This way I know we are off to a good start. I like the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes as they are gentle on the skin and take off absolutely everything with one wipe (even waterproof mascara). Did I also add that it doesn’t need rinsing off which saves you from a trip to the rest-rooms.

nn2. A really good moisturiser and/or hydrating face mask

Have you ever left a flight and felt that dry, tight sensation in your face and hands? Im sure you have and this next step will help you avoid this. Wearing moisturiser on the plane is as important as wearing sunscreen before going outdoors – this is especially crucial for medium to long-haul flights. The low humidity environment sucks out all of the moisture from your skin leaving it dry, cracked and dehydrated. Hence, I like to keep a really hydrating and rich moisturiser with me for the plane and lather it on my face and hands throughout the flight. I do this more frequently (approximately ever 2-3 hours) than I normally would to keep my skin moist and plump.

A few good ones I can recommend from experience include Avene Rich Hydrating Cream and the Clarins Hydrating Mask (this is normally designed to be rinsed off in 10 minutes but I personally leave it on as an overnight treatment for that added hydration which serves even better for a long flight).


3. A hydrating lip balm and lubricating eye drops

Let’s not forget about our lips and eyes as they are also prone to drying up and cracking on flights. It honestly doesn’t need to be anything fancy in my opinion – I just picked up whatever I had at home which happened to be the Burt’s Bees Lip Balm and Systane Lubricating Gel Drops (a little pharmacist tip for you – these drops are great because they have the consistency of a gel/ointment which is more lubricating for the eyes but are in the form of drops for easy administration – score!!!).

4. A hydrating facial mist

This step is super refreshing and can be done in between your moisturiser applications. By spraying a hydrating facial mist onto your skin each hour, you’ll not only give your thirsty skin that big sip of H2O, you’ll also help soothe any redness or irritations. Plus, to be honest it looks a tad awkward to wear a sheet mask next to a complete stranger so this is a little more convenient. One of my favourites is the Avene Thermal Water and I’ve also heard great things about the La Roche Posay facial mist.

5. Deodorant and your dental hygiene products

The last thing you want when you leave the plane is to greet your loved ones with bad B.O and breath (as yucky as that sounds). I swear by the Rexona Clinical Protection Antiperspirant as it gives you 24-hour coverage. I pop this on just before I jump off the flight after I’ve given my teeth a nice clean. This helps me wake up and feel fresh, ready and excited to take on the adventures ahead. A dab of concealer, bronzer and a nice lippy serves perfectly as the final touch and wipes away any fatigue!


I hope you enjoyed this read. Let me know if you have any travel essentials you swear by and don’t forget to subscribe to my page.

xoxo, B.


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