Hawaii 2016



We recently travelled to Hawaii for a short vacation and I wanted to share some of the highlights from our trip. This was our first trip with the little one who was about 5.5 months at the time. Now I know why people always say travel when you’re baby isn’t too mobile as it was really manageable with her. As long as she was fed and had her naps she was quite happy which made it easy for us to enjoy our time away. Also, because she is breastfed this made things easier as I able to feed her on the go. I also had plenty of help and support as we travelled with quite a few of our family members. Overall it was a great trip and here are some of the highlights…

We stayed very close to Waikiki Beach in Honolulu so we were quite central and walking distance from the main shopping and eating districts. It was a gorgeous beach with clear waters and beautiful sand.

A Hawaii must-do is to watch the traditional luau dance by the locals. We watched the show by the beach (literally on the sand – so nice!) at the Honolulu Aquarium. We also got served some authentic Hawaiian food and watched the hula and fire dances (the fire dances were my favourite – so much talent.)

We took bubs to the zoo and showed her the animals. This was so cute as it was her first ever zoo trip (funny we haven’t even gone in Melbourne yet!).


Being a true Melbournian we went on a hunt to find decent coffee! I would recommend Kona Cafe (very close to Waikiki Beach) – way better than Starbucks in my opinion and closest thing to coffee like we know it!

Of course we went shopping. Hawaii is known for its famous shopping malls and outlets and we did a little bit of damage. The two places I would recommend is the Alo Moana  Centre and the Waikeke Premium Outlets to clear up some bargains. Honestly, the Moana Centre is comparable in price to Australia and has all the major brands – so if you don’t have a budget and want to buy from the season’s latest this is the place to go. The outlets on the other hand are cheaper – especially Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, CK, Coach and Guess (hence the bags in the photo below, hehe).

We had Cheesecake and dinner on a few nights at the Cheesecake Factory. Food was quite average in my opinion but the cheesecake was yummy – I would recommend it (so many flavours). The benefits of the Cheesecake Factory was the fact that it was central and there were lots of options to choose from.

My hubby is a big fan of history so we had to go to Pearl Harbour for a tour.

We did an island tour with the whole family. A bus tours the entire island and stops at some iconic spots. Alongside sight seeing of the major coastlines, we also had shrimp and got to go to the pineapple farm…literally everything related to pineapples can be found here. It was interesting to see how they grow though.

We hired a car and visited the Kualoa ranch – this is known as the Hollywood ‘Hawaii Backlot’ as many Hollywood movies and TV shows have been filmed right here on this site. Some include – Pearl Harbour, Jurassic Park, Lost and Fifty First Dates just to name a few.

If you are a film fan at all, there’s definitely going to be a location you’ll recognise while on the 90-minute movie sites tour of the ranch. The tour is offered seven days a week, multiple times a day and includes an overview of the ranch. The open-air bus makes several stops for photos and closer looks along the way (check out our little dinosaur – isn’t she cute).

And lastly, one thing we bought back home from Hawaii was the well known Honolulu Cookies from the ‘Honolulu Cookie Company.’ They are beyond delicious and I would highly recommend those that visit to try and bring some back home..they are really really good!


Hope you enjoyed this little travel blog. Until next time, take care.

xoxo, B.

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