Happy New Year

Hi all,

Wow 2017 is here!!! I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you had a lovely time celebrating with your family and friends..whether you’ve subscribed to my blog or just pop by from time-to-time – THANK YOU..Your support is what keeps me going!! I love writing and sharing my knowledge and experience with you all..wishing 2017 will bring you love, health, happiness and success.

xoxo, B

November Favourites!

Gosh time flies!! It’s halfway through December and I’m just getting around to sharing my November favourites with you all..sorry about the delay but here they are:

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October Favourites!

Hi beautiful people,

I can’t believe another month has come and gone and it’s time to share my current favourites with you all. We’ve recently moved into our new place (finally) so this month’s favourites is mostly about homewares and decor (love, love, love).

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JULY Favourites…

Here’s some of the things I’ve picked up and loving this month. Read More

Why I started a blog?

So what made me start a blog or become a blogger? Now that I think of it there are a few reasons why… Read More